Wax, wonderful wax!

It’s great to be back at the waxpot! There’s huge variation in waxes and waxing so I thought I give them a blog. Back at college in the late 1990’s you trained with warm wax. It was honey based, stuck to EVERYTHING, and was used ON everything: legs, eyebrows, you name it, we honey waxed it. Hot wax came in for a mention, along with reference to the Bad Old Days Of Waxing when the hot wax would be remelted and strained of hairs to be used again! Thankfully science and hygiene have come a long way since then.

I use a couple of different types of wax: strip wax, the warm wax equivalent which is removed with a paper strip, used on arms, legs and backs; and non-strip wax, the great grandchild of hot wax which is used for sensitive areas of skin and thicker hairs so bikini waxing, facial waxing etc..

What we use for our waxing treatments and why

For my waxing I use mainly Outback Organics wax products. They have a great range of Australian inspired waxes, pre- and aftercare products which give brilliant results for the client and therapist. My strip wax is their True Blue wax. It melts at a lower temperature so is more comfortable for clients with sensitive skins, and the gel texture means it doesn’t stick to everything within 10 metres! The other bonus is that you get less residue on the skin after your wax. I’m sure I’m not alone in having gone home and found my clothes sticking to the waxed areas?! Well not with this wax!

There are different options for the non-strip wax. In summer I use the Opal Peelable wax as it is a faster setting wax, great for the warmer weather. When the weather gets cooler I will switch to the Gold Peelable as it has a slower setting time, perfect for cooler skin.

The wax used really is the heart of the treatment. I could use cheaper waxes and save a few pounds but I want to give clients the best possible results.

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