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There are two new peel options available at Natural Balance now: 35% Glycolic Peels and the Skin Resurfacing Complex which has a different tailored acid complex to treat Problematic, Hyperpigmented or Environmentally Damaged skin.

Here’s my after report from the Glycolic peel training and a bonus train selfie!

Basically there are a ton of products out there containing glycolic acid in various concentrations. I’m not sure where the level is set on retail products available to the public, bit it will be significantly lower than the 35% product I worked with today.
Medical professionals can use double that, and that’s where you’re looking at peels requiring sedation and time as an in-patient, or two weeks of not leaving the house because you look like a mummy and your face is literally peeling off. Lovely!

The Nimue Glycolic Peel is a proteolytic / kereolytic so it works to break down the dead cells making up your stratum corneum, the surface layer of the skin.
Due to it’s low molecular weight it can penetrate to the basal layer where new skin cells are formed, to stimulate production of fresh skin to plump and thicken the living layers of the skin. This smooths fine lines and wrinkles, and makes your skin glow.
The glycolic acid also has an effect of the glucosamineglycans which support the structure of the dermis: the elastin and collagen. More elastin and collagen = denser, firmer skin.
Sebaceous glands are stimulated, so dry skins improve, and irregular pigmentation is evened out.

The treatment itself was fine, the glycolic itself felt proper tingly but the sensation didn’t last too long or get unbearable.
And my gods, was it worth it!
No redness, and my skin looks FABULOUS. Dead happy with it.

The lady that I worked on looked red following her treatment, but we HAD skipped the mask section of the facial and it calmed down quickly afterwards anyway. Her skin looked super smooth and healthy!

After effects- very rarely there’s some flaky dry skin, I can’t wax my face for 3 days and I can only use core Nimue products for a day or two, so max 7% AHA’s at home. I think that’s it tho.
How good does my forehead look?! Feels like a Barry Scott moment “BANG, and the wrinkle is gone!”

Glycolic peels are suitable for any skin type except a sensitive skin. It offers deep, controlled exfoliation to renew the skin and stimulate cellular turnover, leading to a more youthful skin.
If you are not using Nimue homecare you need a couple of Active Rejuvenation treatments to prepare the skin before having a Glycolic peel (and ideally start using Nimue at home. Remember 50% of the potential improvement comes from what you do at home!)
Glycolic peels can be taken as an intensive course weekly or fortnightly, then monthly for maintenance.

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