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Thermal detox peel

The term detox is hugely overused in the wellbeing industry, but here is one time when it is actually appropriate! The cleansing effect of this express peel treatment removes micro-particles from the skin, where they can cause irritation or a dull appearance, making it amazing for city dwellers and smokers. 


In fact, this facial does more than that.With exfoliating pumpkin enzymes, deep cleaning binchotan charcoal, and a bubbly warming mask, it is a 4 in 1 express skincare treatment to detoxify, oxygenate, deep cleanse and exfoliate.


It is the ideal lunchtime treatment, an add-on to a hot stones massage, or as a party prep for fab skin in a flash!


Learn more by watching this video from Nimue:

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Nimue’s approach to intensive treatments gives maximum results with minimal skin irritation. Unlike other peels there is NO downtime and you can go back to your normal routine the very next day. Active ingredients are carefully prepared to target exactly the right area of the skin in order to stimulate collagen production and cellular renewal; making your skin act, feel and look like a more youthful skin. This is rejuvenation at work!

Following your peel you MUST wear SPF for at least 7 days, yes, even if it’s not sunny. Your beautiful new skin is forming and deserves the best protection.


Avoid hair removal treatments such as waxing, threading, plucking and electrolysis for three days before and after a peel. Peels can work well with injectable treatments such as fillers, but we recommend waiting at least two weeks after any injections for your skincare treatment.


Discuss your skincare goals with your specialist to plan a programme of treatments. While your skin will immediately look clearer and smoother, treating issues which have developed over a period of time, e.g. hyperpigmentation, will only show full results after your skin has been through several cycles of renewal. We are here to support you on your journey to better skin.

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