Blemish Removal

Advanced electrolysis techniques for the treatment of facial telangiectasia (thread veins/ broken capillaries), millia, campbell de morgan spots (blood spots) and skin tags. 

Thread veins can be genetic, so if a family member has them you are therefore more likely to develop them. They are also formed in response to factors such as strong nose blowing, spending time outdoors in cold weather, consumption of alcohol or spicy foods, or impact damage. If you have a generally flushed complexion, advanced electrolysis may help by reducing the blood flow to the superficial, dilated capillaries.

The treatment involves using a probe carrying a mild current to tap along the capillary, causing the blood to coagulate and preventing further blood flow. The body will usually then absorb the now unnecessary capillary and break it down. Tiny scabs may appear following your treatment, this is entirely normal. Cleanse the skin gently over the next 7-10 days as the skin heals and apply aloe vera to soothe.

Thread veins usually require 2 sessions or more, depending on the severity.

Millia are simply accumulations of natural skin oils with no access to the surface of the skin, appearing as a small white dot under the surface. Tapping over the surface of the millia with the probe causes the body to absorb and break down the oils, leaving the skin completely unblemished. Millia frequently appear around the eyes as a result of using too much or too heavy a moisturiser on the delicate skin there. During your treatment your therapist will discuss your skincare and what will aid in preventing a recurrence. 

Campbell de Morgans are also a benign vascular disorder, showing as small red dots or splotches, usually on the body and very occasionally on the face. The electrologist uses the probe to desiccate the tissue. A small dry patch of skin will form, allow this to drop off and the skin will heal as if it was never there. 

Skin tags can form anywhere on the body and be successfully treated with electrolysis. They are most commonly found in areas which experience friction such as the underarms and around the neck. They also appear frequently on eyelids. Many people put off dealing with them for years, but the treatment is very simple and you can soon be free of the irritation. In many cases the skin will look like there was never anything there, occasionally a tiny mark like a freckle will remain.

Sarah removed over a dozen skin tags from my neck. I used to hate my neck because of them and wore scarves or turtle necks all year round to hide them. Now I can wear any top I want to and not worry. Thank you Sarah!
leanne barnes

The most common feedback during the patch test is that the treatment is more comfortable than expected, so don’t be put off by the idea of it. We do everything we can to make your electrolysis sessions as pleasant as possible.

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