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Upper Back and Shoulders Wax


For whether you want a tidy up of sparse hair, or complete removal of a more luxuriant covering.

We will carefully cleanse the skin and apply a thin layer of oil before applying the wax. The oil forms a lipid barrier between the wax and the skin, ensuring the wax only adheres to the hair and lessening any draw on the skin. Wax is removed swiftly and carefully, followed by a soothing gel.

We recommend bringing a fresh cotton t-shirt to wear after your wax.

Upper Back and Shoulders Wax– £20

Add 50% for treatment to be carried out with non-strip wax.

Not suitable on sunburned skin.

Not suitable for anyone using or having used Roaccutane on the last 6 months.

After your wax it is extremely important that you follow the aftercare instructions given by your therapist. Ignoring them can result in a chest or back (or both!) with red, inflamed skin, or lots of spots. And you really don’t want that.

For at least 24 hours following your wax:


Strenuous exercise (do not go and play footy with your mates).

Swimming, sauna or steam rooms.

Hot showers or baths (lukewarm is fine.)

Sitting in the sun (ok, it’s the North of England, but it does happen.)

TOUCHING the waxed area (honestly, if you start doing this during your wax you will get a slap on the hand, you’re introducing bacteria to freshly waxed skin and guaranteeing an outbreak of spots.)

Only apply the recommended aftercare lotions, or pure aloe vera (Holland & Barrett do a good value one)


A few days after your wax you can start exfoliating using a scrub product, exfoliating mitt or wash cloth (exfoliating wash cloths available to purchase). Exfoliate twice a week.

If you are prone to ingrown hairs we retail a roll-on product to prevent their occurrence and treat existing ingrown hairs.


If you have a sticking plaster allergy please mention when booking so we can use a rosin-free wax.

Waxing is not suitable for clients taking Roaccutane.

Hair should be a minimum of 5mm long to be waxed, this is 2-3 weeks growth for most people.


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