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We offer a comfortable environment for your waxing, and do everything possible to maintain your modesty throughout your wax.
Underwear can be kept on for Basic, High leg and French waxes, but Brazillian, Californian and Hollywood waxes are performed without.
If you are feeling nervous about your first wax, or switching to a new waxer, pop in for a cup of tea and a discussion of the treatment to put your mind at ease.

The holly wood wax ensures you are 100% hair free from front to back.

40 Mins – £24

If you would like an additional area tidied, eg, around the navel, inner thighs or on buttocks prices start from just


There are several different styles of waxes you can choose from when it comes to your bikini line, but a Hollywood wax is up there with the most popular. Designed to remove every last hair from the front and back of your bikini zone, the Hollywood wax promises a smooth and tidy finish that lasts up to a month.

The world of waxing can be a daunting one, but armed with the right knowledge there’s no reason to be afraid. If you’re a bikini wax virgin the terminology can often get confusing – from a ‘Brazilian’ to a ‘Playboy’ or ‘Hollywood’, which one is right for you? We’re here to demystify the dreaded waxing menu, starting with the Hollywood. Arguably one of the most popular styles of waxing for women today, to put it plainly, a Hollywood wax removes all of the hair in your bikini area from front to back. And we mean all.


Waxing styles and types often differ depending on your therapist but the end result should always be the same. Some salons choose to perform the treatment with regular wax strips, and some use hot wax – it’s up to you which route you’d prefer to go down, though more women today are tending to choose the hot wax option as it’s slightly less painful than regular waxing strips. Why? The regular wax strips can put more pressure on sensitive skin, stripless ‘hot’ wax is applied directly to your skin, drying within seconds. The hardened wax is then quickly pulled off like a regular strip, though pulls less on the skin when removed which can help to avoid redness or bruising.


The initial feeling of the hair being removed from the root is over in an instant, so forget whatever horror stories you might have heard! If you’ve got an extremely low pain threshold though, perhaps you should ease in with a regular bikini wax or a Brazilian where less hair is removed, this way you can make a decision on how much you can handle in just one sitting! Rest assured though, a good therapist should have you in and out of the door in no more than half an hour, so the mild discomfort certainly won’t last long. You might be left with a slight redness or sensitivity, but this will pass in a matter of hours, leaving you with silky skin for weeks.


The most important need-to-knows? Your therapist will usually ask you to remove your clothes from the waist down, and throughout the wax you are often asked to move into a few different positions in order for them to catch every stray hair. From legs raised to your knees to ankles in the air, the Hollywood is definitely a no-holds-barred approach to waxing, so ensure you feel confident and comfortable with your therapist before booking in!

Whether you’re off on a beach holiday or just prefer the feel of a hair free bikini line, the Hollywood wax will leave your skin smooth and soft for up to 4 weeks, with noticeably thinner and sparser hair regrowth if you continue with regular waxes in the future. Just be sure to use an exfoliation mit in the shower every few days to help avoid ingrown hairs during the regrowth period.


If you have a sticking plaster allergy please mention when booking so we can use a rosin-free wax.

Waxing is not suitable for clients taking Roaccutane.

Hair should be a minimum of 5mm long to be waxed, this is 2-3 weeks growth for most people.


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