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Electrolysis – Consultation


Fed up with hairs popping up in areas they shouldn’t? Want to avoid the monthly wax appointment?

Electrolysis is your answer!

This treatment permanently destroys hair at the root, so you never need to worry about them again.

Does it hurt? No. The treatment involves inserting a probe into the hair follicle and the size of probe is selected according to the hairs being treated. You will feel a sensation of intense warmth, but this passes quickly. If you are nervous about the feel of the treatment, your pharmacist may be able to recommend a numbing cream to use.

Electrolysis requires several appointments in order to treat all the hairs in an area during the active growth stage, and is more suited to smaller areas as one hair is treated at a time. If you are looking for permanent hair removal for a large area we recommend laser or IPL treatment.

Your first appointment is for a consultation to ensure your suitability for the treatment, and to patch test the treatment on a few hairs.

40 Mins – £4

Back in the 90s, it was all about the epilator. Today, hair removal has gone high-tech. Enter electrolysis, your new favourite form of hair removal. It first appeared on the beauty scene all the way back in 1875, but it’s now more effective and easier than ever. Experience the hair-free perks of electrolysis with Treatwell…


When it comes to electrolysis, there are actually three different kinds of treatment to choose from. Your options are galvanic, thermolysis and blend. The aim of all three is the same: to kill your hair matrix cells for good, of course. With galvanic electrolysis, your technician will use electrical current to produce a chemical reaction to do so. Thermolysis, on the other hand, uses the heat created by the electrical current to zap your unwanted hair away.

Having sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis is advised. Once you get in the swing of it, each electrolysis session will become quicker and less frequent.

Thermolysis is faster than galvanic but not quite as thorough, so a blend of both thermolysis and galvanic electrolysis is recommended. On the day itself, you’ll be asked to lie on a treatment bed before your therapist inserts a small metal probe (similar to a very fine needle) into each individual hair follicle. Thankfully, the probe doesn’t pierce your skin and you won’t feel it enter your hair follicle at all. The only slight sting you may feel is when the small and entirely electrical current passes into the follicle. If you’ve ever experienced the pain of a wax, you’ll know this is nothing in comparison!


  • Electrolysis is seriously effective, but treating each hair follicle, understandably, takes its time. Each session can last anything from five minutes to two hours.
  • As your hairs (annoyingly!) don’t all grow at the same time, it’ll usually take a few treatments before you notice significant results. Hang on in there, it’s worth it!
  • Having sessions on a weekly or fortnightly basis is advised. Once you get in the swing of it, each electrolysis session will become quicker and less frequent.
  • Laser hair removal usually doesn’t work for those with blonde or fair hair, but electrolysis is effective for all skin and hair types. Yay!


Ok, so electrolysis may sometimes be overshadowed by quicker laser treatments available on the market. However, there’s no conclusive evidence that laser hair removal is completely permanent. If you want to be absolutely sure those pesky hairs don’t ever rear their ugly heads again, electrolysis and its proven track record is for you.


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