Dermalift – Eye Lift & Firm Treatment
Dermalift – Face Lift & Firm
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Dermalift – Eye Lift & Firm with ADLA


The Eye Lift & Firm focuses on the eye & brow to lift and firm the key facial muscles.

Includes eye pads, micro-collagen and Vitamin C.

Results: Restore tone, reduce fine lines around the eye area.
As above with the inclusion of lymphatic drainage to reduce undereye bags and puffiness.

55 Mins – £35

With the Silhouette Dermalift face lift system.

During your consultation discuss with your therapist your concerns and the areas where you want to lift, firm and tone. Over an initial course of treatments your skin will become smoother, plumper and firmer with more defined contours.

Once you have obtained your desired outcomes a monthly maintainence treatment is recommened for upkeep.

An initial course may be 6-10 treatments, taken twice a week, but this is dependant on the condition of the skin and correct homecare.


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