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Dermalift – Eye Lift & Firm with ADLA
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Dermalift – Eye Lift & Firm Treatment


The Eye Lift & Firm focuses on the eye & brow to lift and firm the key facial muscles. Includes eye mask with micro-collagen and Vitamin C.

Results: Restore tone, reduce fine lines around the eye area.

40 Mins – £25

About Dermalift

At Natural Balance we use the Dermalift machine from British manufacturer Silhouette.

The Dermalift non-surgical facelift is a microcurrent treatment which tones, firms and lifts the skin and muscle tissue of the face. This greatly reduces the appearance of lines and wrinkles, re-contours cheekbones and jawline, lifts the brow and plumps the face.

During your consultation your therapist will discuss your skin concerns and goals. Think about areas you would like to see a difference on so your therapist can target those sections first.  For the best result a course of 6-10 treatments is recommended, on  an initial schedule of 2 treatments per week. This is to get your skin to your ideal condition before moving to a monthly treatment to maintain effects.


Clients fitted with pacemakers, metal implants, extensive metal fillings, suffering from epilepsy, diabetes, strokes, neuritis, neuralgia, bells palsy, or migraines may be unsuitable for this treatment.


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