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Your first appointment is for a consultation to ensure your suitability for the treatment, and to patch test the treatment on a few hairs

40 Mins - £4


Fed up with hairs popping up in areas they shouldn't? Want to avoid the monthly wax appointment? Electrolysis is your answer! This treatment permanently destroys hair at the root, so you never need to worry about them again. Does it hurt? No. The treatment involves inserting a probe into the hair follicle and the size of probe is selected according to the hairs being treated. You will feel a sensation of intense warmth, but this passes quickly. If you are nervous about the feel of the treatment, your pharmacist may be able to recommend a numbing cream to use. Electrolysis requires several appointments in order to treat all the hairs in an area during the active growth stage, and is more suited to smaller areas as one hair is treated at a time. If you are looking for permanent hair removal for a large area we recommend laser or IPL treatment.

15 Mins - £15

30 Mins - £26.25

Ladies' Intimate Waxing

Hollywood Waxing

A combination of strip wax and gentle non-strip wax is used to remove all hair from the bikini area. If you are considering your first wax for a holiday or before your wedding, please be aware that due to the hair growth cycle you can see new hairs growing in very soon after the wax. We highly recommend regular monthly waxes to get you optimum results.

40 Mins - £24

Brazilian Waxing

A combination of warm wax and gentle non-strip wax is used to remove hair from the front, underneath and back, leaving only a small "landing strip". If you prefer to leave hair on the outer labia or between the buttocks please mention during your treatment consultation.

40 Mins - £20

Bikini Waxing

Standard Bikini wax- Hair is removed from the crease of the leg and outside the underwear area. Extended Bikini wax- Hair removal is brought further into the central area of the mons pubis. Leave as much or as little as you prefer.

15 Mins - £12

20 Mins - £15

Ladies' Body Waxing
Skin is cleansed, prepared and treated with warm strip wax to remove hair.

Half Leg (Inc Knees)

25 Mins - £12

Full Leg

45 Mins - £20


15 Mins - £6


20 Mins - £8

Full Arm

35 Mins - £14

Men's Waxing

Ear Waxing

Specialised non-strip wax is applied to the outer edge and inner sections of the ear to shrink-wrap protruding hairs and swiftly remove them.

15 Mins - £6

Nostril Waxing

Non-strip wax is set to catch and remove any hairs jutting from the nostril. Unlike tweezing, this is effective and nearly pain free! Not sure about it? We'll do one nostril and if you don't like it there is no charge. We are confident you will be pleasantly surprised!

15 Mins - £6

Eyebrow, Ear and Nostril Waxing

Treat all three areas to a tidy up. Eyebrows will also be trimmed.

40 Mins - £20

Men's Upper Body Waxing
For whether you want a tidy up of sparse hair, or complete removal of a more luxuriant covering. We will carefully cleanse the skin and apply a thin layer of oil before applying the wax. The oil forms a lipid barrier between the wax and the skin, ensuring the wax only adheres to the hair and lessening any draw on the skin. Wax is removed swiftly and carefully, followed by a soothing gel. We recommend bringing a fresh cotton t-shirt to wear after your wax.

Back & Shoulder

30 Mins - £25

Chest & Abdomen

30 Mins - £25

Back, shoulders, chest and abs

60 Mins - £40

Men's Leg & Intimate Waxing
The intimate area is treated with advanced non-strip wax for your comfort. The wax "shrink-wraps" the hair as it cools instead of sticking indiscriminately to hair and skin in this delicate area. Then the wax is removed directly without use of a paper or fabric strip, hence "non-strip wax".